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       Tap into Change
      Creedwell House
      32 Creedwell Orchard
      TA4 1JY

(This is a new postal address for official communications while we reorganise the practice.

Appointments may be available near
 Camborne/Redruth or other locations.

There is no practice available in the Taunton area.)

FACEBOOK   Facebook page under development

CONTACT FORM     This form is a handy way of sending us an email and it will go to our normal email address.  


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Enquiry Form

These are based on the wording in our Privacy Policy

When you are emailing us, be aware that the content of your emails and our replies  may be kept on the servers of  your email account providers for an unspecified period. This normally causes no problems as the data is encrypted. However, hackers can potentially gain access to your account and you are advised to change your password periodically. No normal email is 100% safe from tampering or hacking.

We therefore advise you not to discuss or reveal any highly personal matters in your initial correspondence but leave them until the actual session or discuss them by  telephone, preferably landline. If email counselling is arranged and confidentiality is a major concern, we can provide details of a highly secure encrypted email service which is free to use. However please note that we may be obliged to break confidentiality in the case of  threat to life, serious harm to self or another person, or certain alleged criminal offences.

IMPORTANT NOTICE updated February 2021 - Due to COVID no face-to-face appointments are available for the time being.  Please revisit this site for further updates.