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(revised May 2019)

Counselling, hypnotherapy, Energy EFT              £50.00 per hour

(Please note that I do not adhere strictly to the 60-minute format and often sessions may last up to 90 minutes - I do not charge for this extra time. This is because intensive and deep work often needs time to bring to a satisfactory conclusion of the session.)

Past life regression, associated healing work and spiritual coaching
                                                                                     £60.00 / 90 mins.

Introductory session 30 minutes                          £25.00 / 30 mins.

If you simply want to meet me, outline the problem and let us decide whether we can work together, you may book a brief introductory session. This will involve an intake interview and possibly a trial of a very short technique such as EFT which you can then use as a self-help technique.  

Asperger’s/ Autism-related counselling               £45.00 per hour

Life coaching / creative coaching  

Individual coaching plans and fee schedules by negotiation, depending on work involved and method of communication.  

Concessions now available

Limited number of vacancies available for clients on benefits or pensioners (incl. women over 60).  Minimum fee £25 per hour.  Introductory session £25 for 30 mins.

Skype, telephone and/or email counselling

Fees will be based on the basic rate of £45 per hour. In the case of email counselling, my time will include doing any necessary research, or work away from the computer, relating to helping you with your problem.  

THESE FEES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME and may differ at different venues.


Payment methods include card payment at time of session and PayPal/BACS payment in advance.

Personal cheques are not normally accepted as these are no longer guaranteed by the banks.  


Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, or appointments not attended, will be billed at 50% of the full fee.

FEES PAID ARE NON-REFUNDABLE unless a session paid in advance is cancelled by the therapist. Fees charged are for professional time, not results.


Since everyone is different, results with any particular technique cannot be guaranteed and some people may need more sessions than others or respond better to different methods.

All therapies offered via this site are complementary and are not cures for medical conditions. Complementary therapies aim to help the individual’s natural self-healing and self-regulating processes and are not a substitute for medical care. Please consult your doctor if you have any medical problem. Morris Berg is not a medical doctor and cannot provide medical advice. Consult your doctor before making any change to your prescribed medication.

IMPORTANT NOTICE  - Due to COVID no face-to-face appointments are available for the time being.  Please revisit this site for further updates.